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Groovetrack Records is a community for musicians and music fans. The services that we offer include CD Duplication as cheap as $0.45 per CD!, artist representation, concert promotions, full studio production, and a home on with your band's bio and pictures, streaming MP3s, CD sales, tourdates, and more...

  Maximum Bob
Baby Noolie

  Keith Secola
Wild Band of Indians

  The Pinch

No Standing


Sept 2007
We are seeking MOTIVATED local area people to scout new talent, manage, book gigs, distribute propaganda and general marketing jibberjabber. Comission based salary, flexible hours. Apply Here.

July 2007
Groovetrack welcomes our new partner, Degicank Productions, who specialize in music promotion services and sometimes encourage reckless coed naked steaking.

Dec 2006
We are proud to welcome our new partner, PROMO CDs, who offer the best CD duplication service on the web!

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